Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Hexie Stars Quilt

I'm one of hundreds of quilters who love hexies!

I've even got a Pinterest board dedicated to them!

And machine sewing hexies isn't as tricky as you might think (and no, I'm not talking about Y seams!).

One way to make machine sewing hexies easier is to use pre-cut fabric like a layer cake, and create star points in the spaces between the hexies.

The hexies and their star points are then sewn together in rows - Simples!

And there are great templates out there that make cutting the hexies super quick and easy.  I particularly like these ones from Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Here are 2 Hexie Star Quilts I've made in the last 2 years ....

Autumn Hexie Stars Quilt
Autumn Hexies with Essex Yarn Dyed Linen (Flax)

Hexie Stars Quilt class sample
Sweetwater's 'Noteworthy' with Navy solid (gifted)
... and here is the one in the current issue of British Patchwork & Quilting:


I made this one as a 'man quilt' with Sweetwater's 'Elementary' and Essex Yard Dyed Linen. And they put it on the front cover!!

Hexie Stars Quilt (BPQ Nov16)

So if you like hexies as much as me, why not have a go!

And if you are looking for a gift, both my Essex Linen Hexie Stars Quilts will soon be for sale (watch this space!).

Happy Hexing!

Jude xo


  1. I love this idea!!! I have always done EPP hexies and never tire the dreaded y seams on a machine, but this makes a quick hexie quilt possible. Thank you so much for sharing . xx

  2. You had me at the Sweetwater fabrics Judith, but I also love the hidden stars design. Worthy cover quilt

  3. Hi Judith! Fantastic pattern and so fun to make with those corner triangles! I love your quilts and now especially the cover quilt with earthy colours! x Teje

  4. Lovely hexie quilt and thanks for the link to your Pinterest...now following you x

  5. Hexilicious! You know how much I love hexies too. These giant star ones are fun.


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